Seventeen Days on the Road

Seventeen days on the road.  Four states, five RV parks, one laundry day.

A lot of BLM land.  BLM is great for space and privacy, RV parks are good for Wi-Fi.

We’ve seen muddy hikes and snowy nights, frigid creeks and sweaty climbs

We spend money in the cities, on food and drinks and gasoline.  We camp out in the country, cloaked in stars above and darkness around.

Fear is no longer a factor, neither is boredom.  Both were in the beginning.

Face each day fresh and new and accept everything thrown your way.  Take care of any problems as they come- a loose door, a broken vent, a full campsite, a steep and narrow gravel road.  A problem becomes a challenge which turns into an opportunity, effort is required.  Depend on each other and rise to any occasion. 

Revel in the glory and the beauty.  Of the land and the people, both created by the Spirit.  Wonderful people who will lend to a stranger, and unfathomable land sculpted into inspiration.

Start each day with a thought and a prayer.  Be prepared and hope for favor.  Help others and help will come.  Treat any new land and its inhabitants with respect, always be humble.  Humility exists out here.

We find it best to hike early in the mornings, the earlier the better.  When you hike a rough trail focus on the trail, stop to admire the scene.

Return to camp for lunch and a lounge in the afternoon heat.  Be disciplined, stretch and eat real food and take a cold shower.  Your body will thank you.

Do your work completely- effort is rewarded, although not always as you might expect.  Limit all expectations.  Effort is an enormous key to life.  That’s what Nature wants, that’s what the Spirit needs.

This all takes time and practice and patience, which are major foundations of Nature’s Way.