Tip of the North Fork

Greenport, tip of the North Fork

Home to vineyards and peculiar country folk.

Two hours and a half on the LIRR,

Track stops thirty feet from the water,

End of the line.

Stepped back in time,

rented bikes at half price which was nice.

Silver Sands Motel looked like the set of Moonrise Kingdom,

Still asking NYC prices mid-week but peak season.

Upgrade free of charge, Cottage #103 was ours

To do with what we like, Happy Birthday sexy wife!

Clothing was optional at our cottage by the bay,

Skinny-dipping done by night, wine sipping done by day.

Mid August the heat was on us,

Traveling by bike kept us honest.,

As we called on the local wineries

to share their refreshments please.

We put in twenty miles on the first day sweating all the way,

Worth it to take pleasure in all the earth had to offer.

Vineyards with sweeping vistas and salty breezes from the Sound,

Others had vines on family farms where roosters crowed and scratched the ground.

Late lunch a treat, fresh lobster rolls from a trailer in the shade,

No wine this time we’re biking so we stuck to lemonade.

Smiles plastered to our faces as we took the dusty road,

Trucks sped by but never mind and we’re back to cottage life.

Greenport was kind and gentle and she rode the carousel,

Sitting side saddle cuz she’s a lady- vintage 1959.

Oyster shucking on the docks required practice and a glove,

To graft that little knife and get the briny meat inside.

Small town life moved deliberately,

All the store lights were out by nine,

That sounded fine cuz we were tipsy

And had lovin on our mind.

sunset motel.jpeg
bike vineyard.jpeg
brad lawn chair.jpeg

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